The upgrade of Ontulili Market enjoys great support of the Meru County government and the community, and is the benchmark against which the County’s gateway and strategic junction towns will be developed.
A new floodlight in Ontulili, Meru County serves as a reminder that inclusive urban development is not easy - some young traders feel excluded from the market upgrade.
The improvement of Ontulili Market kicks off with the installation of two floodlights. The vision has community support and most are willing to pay for waste services and more.
A few weeks after 25 champions in Ahero got trained on how to better manage solid waste, many are already composting, selling waste, and sensitising other residents.
With the help of environmental champions, Ahero town will get better at handling waste!
With the initial idea being absorbed by the County, the SCK Change Project will look after another underutilised area - the market.

Keeping clean is a big challenge for Kenya’s growing urban areas. A team from Trans Nzoia explores waste management solutions that work in other Counties.

2018 is implementation year for SymbioCity Kenya. In this calendar you can see what’s coming up.

Urban Sustainability Reviews, manuals and more related to urban development from SymbioCity Kenya and the Council of Governors.