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Tans Nzoia County

Pilot town: Kiminini

Kiminini is a small yet busy town around 20 km from the County capital, Kitale. Although without formal town status, it is Trans Nzoia’s second major hub both in terms of population – around 15 000 in the larger Kiminini urban area – and revenue collection.

With devolution and the expansion of the Kitale–Webuye road, Kiminini is undergoing unprecedented growth. It is an agricultural centre, attracting traders from neighbouring areas, and has a lot of potential for commercial activities.

The expansion of the urban centre has however brought an increase in the urban population which the available basic facilities and infrastructure cannot accommodate. Today Kiminini faces challenges such as deficient waste management and unemployment.

An Urban Sustainability Review (USR) helped formulate a vision that summarises what residents want for their town – a greener, cleaner, more environmentally friendly and more inclusive Kiminini. A place where everyone is welcome and where there is space for inhabitants to conduct their businesses and have a fulfilling social life.


Students at St. Brigid’s Primary School in Kiminini demonstrate good hygiene practices.