Nakuru County

Pilot town: Njoro


Located 20 km from Nakuru town Njoro has carved out an identity as an important agricultural research and educational centre. The town is home to Egerton University and a campus of the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO).

The County Government’s choice of Njoro town has been motivated by several factors:

  • Njoro’s status as a unique agricultural town, with rich agrarian hinterland
  • Manufacturing potential, in particular timber-based and crop processing factories
  • Link to indigenous forest communities (Ogiek)
  • Lord Egerton’s castle with tourism potential
  • Njoro’s unclear spatial arrangement and growing informality (potential growth of slums in Bondeni, Jawatho, Kiwanja Ndege, etc.)
  • Synergies with KISIP and KMP experiences
  • Pilot County Co-ordinator
    Naomi Morang’a