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Meru County

Pilot town: Ontulili

As the gateway town to Meru County, Ontulili presented an ideal pilot. Shoulder to shoulder with Nanyuki Town, the Laikipia County capital, Ontulili’s potential for growth are as high as the possible urban challenges presented by the urban sprawl of Nanyuki.

A border town of Meru and Laikipia counties, Ontulili represents a link to leverage on inter-county opportunities. Meru County further borders Isiolo to the north, Laikipia to the west, Tharaka Nthi, Kitui, Embu, Kirinyaga and Nyeri to the south which makes Ontulili highly interlinked regionally within a circuit that dominates the central Kenya region economy in terms of tourism, agribusiness and entrepreneurship.

A broad range of stakeholders, from Makutano market committee members to service providers such as Nanyuki Water Supply and Sanitation Company, were involved in Ontulili’s Urban Sustainability Review.