Kakamega County’s urban change project seeks to transform idle public land near the newly constructed Lower Butere bus station into a multi-purpose eco-park. The latest phase of the project has seen the successful procurement of various services, including detailed designs for landscape, drainage, and eco-toilets.

The urban renewal of Butere continues at a steady pace. In the past few months the detailed designs for park drainage, eco-toilets, septic tanks and soak-away pits have been delivered and approved by the County. A detailed physical landscape design is complete and procurement of an environmental impact assessment as well as construction based on the above-mentioned designs is underway.

Previously completed works
Completed activities include clearing and fencing the site, engaging the community through workshops and training, and the construction of two refuse chambers at Butere and Sabatia markets to enhance waste management. Stumps and top soil stripping on the intended site area, and waste debris, have been removed, and levelling and grading works of the site to formation is completed. This will help manage rainwater runoff and storm water from the nearby market and the bus station, as the area is poorly drained and suffer from temporary flooding. Some water will be harvested and retained in a water pan for maintenance of the flora within the park.

About Butere’s planned multi-purpose park
The ambition is to improve landscape using ecologically safe materials, natural methods, as well as conventional building materials, to convert the area into an attractive, interactive and safe space for the community.

Its multi-purpose description is derived from the wide range of activities and functions that will be provided for in the park ranging from sports, barazas, green areas, resource Centre, waste management and tree nursery development.

The park will serve as a vivid living room for various kinds of activities attractive to all age groups and sexes. Participatory engagement of youth is encouraged through sports, waste management, composting, tree nursery management and income generating activities such as charging for toilet use and park maintenance and cleaning. Women groups will be allocated the kiosks to operate businesses from. A resource Centre with a social hall and restaurant facility will be constructed by the County Government of Kakamega as part of their contribution to the project.

To enhance security in the park at night, solar lights will be installed at strategic places. The planned activities will be situated in a beautiful green landscape which will be further enhanced with picnic spots, and a network of trails where stalls, sports fields, eco-toilets, and more, will be placed.