The SymbioCity Programme in Kakamega County plans to develop a Recreation Park in Butere Town. The thought of the park has brought excitement amongst the community. SCK Communications team was on the ground to hear what some of the people had to say.

Douglas Neondo, Market Cleaner
“Miji Endelevu that’s how I know this project. I’ve participated in it since inception. I am happy that we gave our opinions and now we are seeing the outcome. Finally someone is listening to us! Now can we look to growing? Can we revive and upgrade the defunct railways services? Can we create an airstrip where produce can be shipped in and out of Butere? Yes, we can.”

Habil Nanjendo Bushuru, Former MCA
“We have the most idle youth, and I’m glad that SymbioCity is introducing the Park. If implemented, they will be engaged and their lives will change… Every year we hold community games in Buchenya Girls’ Secondary School. Knowing that in not too far future we’ll be having our own grounds is exciting. It will give us the freedom to do more and stay as long as we want.”

Hosea Opala, Boda Boda (motorcycle taxi) Rider
“I know a lot about this project. I know that it is going to upgrade our town in to a city. I know that we youth will benefit. Job opportunities will increase and security will improve. I will contribute in the garbage collection (waste management) project.”

Mary Olubishiri, Sweet potato trader
“I look forward to the park as I will, for the first time, be able to watch players live, and not on TV. I also know there will be banks where we can keep our money safely. Right now we only have m-pesa (mobile phone money storage and transfer) services.”

Triza Mboya, Cereals trader
“Since we started to participate in the SymbioCity project in 2016, the county government has done a lot for Butere. Market stalls have been built. Lighting has improved. We know that a lot is going to come directly from the programme as well. I hear that we will soon have a stadium. I hope a parking lot will also be built for the Boda Boda riders, and more jobs will come up so that insecurity can reduce.”

James Nyangala, Chairperson Butere Town Transport
“SymbioCity Programme has opened the eyes of the county government to initiate development projects in Butere. We now have a bus stop. Lighting has been installed in the market. I am very happy about the recreation park. It will allow us youth to play more, idle less and who knows? Maybe we’ll have a great soccer team in Butere in a few years! But why isn’t there any signage to show the presence of SymbioCity in this town?”

Patrick Atola, head of boda boda committee

“The recreation park is a welcome project. Our people have great talent in performance and in games. At least we will have somewhere for them to showcase and perfect these talents. The project will also open up other opportunities. We will have better garages to repair our bikes, the town’s cleanliness will improve, and we will have (more) decent toilets, especially for us traders. It can even be installed as a business that we youth manage!”