Kiminini strives to be a Green Vibrant Town with Opportunities for All. What do the residents prioritise? A new brochure summarises key conclusions from Kiminini’s Urban Sustainability Review (USR)!

Download the short version of Kiminini’s USR here (low resolution PDF)!

Residents in Kiminini want their town to be a place where everyone is welcome and where there is space for inhabitants to conduct their businesses and have a fulfilling social life. Read about the key challenges and opportunities they have identified.

The Urban Sustainability Review is a consultative way of identifying how an urban area can develop in a sustainable direction. It explores urban systems such as waste, water, public space and mobility, viewing them as integrated parts of the whole urban fabric.

The USR tells us where we are and where we want to go as a town, pointing out priorities that can be addressed immediately, and those that will take more time and resources.