Extension till Dec. 18: Operations Managers Vacancy for Kitui, Kakamega & Meru Counties

SymbioCity Kenya is looking for Operations Managers to oversee urban improvements in a number of Kenyan small towns. Kitui, Kakamega, and Meru Counties have an extended deadline for call for proposals till December 18th!

Each Operations Manager will play a key role in ensuring the smooth implementation of urban improvements in a specific Kenyan town. She/he will work closely with the Project Manager at CoG and the Urban Development Specialists based at the SymbioCity Kenya office in Nairobi. Regular interaction with CoG finance and procurements staff will take place, as well as interaction with County finance and procurement staff.

More information is available in these Terms of References; note that the application deadline has been extended till December 18th for Kakamega, Meru, and Kitui Counties:
Butere, Kakamega County ToR Operations Manager
Kwa Vonza, Kitui County ToR Operations Manager
Ontulili, Meru County ToR Operations Manager

How to submit an Expression of Interest
Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit their materials by 8th of December 2018 to info@symbiocitykenya.org.
The proposal should consist of:
1. Expression of interest – using the designated cover page below, responding specifically to the required experiences and accepting the terms and conditions.
Cover Page in Word-file

2. CV – relating to the post.
No personal letters, certificates or other material are required.

The tasks of the Operations Manager will include, but not be limited to, the following:
Project operations
– To support the implementation of activities in line with agreed plans and budgets. This includes taking initiatives to review plan and budget based on reality when needed and consult with the Working Group, Pilot Coordinator and the SymbioCity Team.
– To initiate and follow up on procurements and different types of purchases/payments. This includes making sure that the flow in the processes involved is running smoothly.
– To coordinate the supervision of works by the technical officer in the County.
– To coordinate stakeholders involved in the project implementation, with focus on local stakeholders.
– To participate in deliberations within the project team. This will include regular cooperation with the pilot coordinator and working group, engagement with SymbioCity secretariat and similar.

Stakeholder participation and communication:
– To manage communication with local stakeholders, in line with existing Communication plan/chain the county, as well as agreed within the programme. The operations manager will be a node for project related information, and is expected to ensure all stakeholders are aware of plans and results. The operations manager is expected to develop suitable tools, such as notice boards and social media groups, and keep these alive throughout the project.
– To support participation and involvement of relevant stakeholders and interest groups. The operations manager will be responsible to organise participatory sessions as required by the project plan, and involve and consult groups such as young people or women in implementation as is suitable.

Documentation, monitoring and reporting:
– To document accurately all project related proceedings. The operations manager will document project activities, progress, challenges, and lessons learned and similar throughout the project.
– To monitor and report on project implementation in accordance with set up processes. This can include coordination of different actors carrying out monitoring as well as carrying out monitoring visits and reviews.
– To track and keep record of pilot project spending
– Keep a log of activities done on daily basis

Logistical support:
– Provide logistical support to field missions. Arrange visit, accommodation and similar to visiting consultants and project staff.

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